This inaugural issue of the Journal of Elite Sport Performance marks the combined efforts of the executive co-founders in collaboration with the editorial board of advisors to launch a new journal with a fresh and different approach to publishing. The journal focusses on applied research representing elite sport. We aim to provide opportunities for applied practitioners working in high-performance settings to showcase their research outputs through innovative modes of dissemination.

The journal was established in 2020 and officially launched in the summer of 2021, following a 2-year gestation period of networking, collaboration, discussions and thinking regarding its content, policy and purpose. In other words, blood, sweat and tears. We were told no it won’t work, we can’t fund this… etc. so we went out on our own and did it anyway. The perspective of this journal stems from our own experiences as published authors (bad and good), as practitioners working in elite sport and practical academics. We love being the combination of all three! The co-founders and editorial board for the journal are passionate about the publication of peer-reviewed research in the scope of elite performance from an applied interdisciplinary perspective… although we want to do things differently. We want to showcase your research from industry where it can have an impact to colleagues and practitioners in the field. Our mission is to bridge the gap between academia and research in the fields of elite sport performance. As leaders and practitioners working or managing high-performance sports teams the editorial group appreciate the challenges with keeping abreast of evidenced-based practices, innovative applications or contemporary approaches to the development of the interdisciplinary team. We want other practitioners to easily access your work, implementing it into their practices. Therefore, felt it important to have appropriate outputs for the communication of findings, contemporary topical debates from practitioners representing a variety of roles and responsibilities within elite sport settings.

So, who are we? A young, driven and like to do things different kind of team and we like it that way. What do we offer? An unrivalled work ethic… What do we have? Unstoppable ambition… Why did we do this? Because we are a collective of enthusiastic and passionate souls, proud of what we do. We’ve been there, and are living and breathing it. What do we want? To shake things up in the world of publishing. Finally, we are partnered with One Tree Planted, which means for every article we publish we plant a minimum of 5 trees.

Everyone’s invited, so get in touch, we’d love to hear about your research! We are open to innovative formats of dissemination and new ways of thinking.

Welcome, to the Journal of Elite Sport Performance.

Managing Editor,
Associate Editors,
& the Editorial Advisory Board.